Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Corazon Sin Nido

Have you seen my instruction manual lying around anywhere? You know, the one you obtain after you penetrate the world and the nurse slaps a bracelet on your ankle reminiscent of the kind you receive upon entering a bad club at the Jersey Shore? Oh, my bad, that's right - there's no such thing! However, if you would be so kind as to entertain my folly this evening, let's explore the notion...

For starters, what would a piece of literature of this nature be titled? Knowing the sense of humor the Big Cheese seems to have with me lately, I'd have to say the title would likely be, "Knock Yourself Out".

Chapter One: Welcome
Please remain seated until the spaceship comes to a complete stop.

Chapter Two: Are We There Yet?
Life is a hallowed journey and should be traveled with good friends, good cocktails and fabulous shoes.

Chapter Three: Hearts Will Be Broken...and Yours is No Exception
Love is a process and should be practiced often. Rinse and repeat until the desired outcome is reached.

Chapter Four: Never Underestimate the Power of the Stiletto
The higher the heel the closer to heaven. Once of sauntering age, master your strut and embrace the pinch.

Chapter Five: The Spaceship Waits for No One
This in mind, say what you need to say. Do not overanalyze, do not scrutinze, do not disect. Whether you speak it, shout it, write it, sing it; let there be no doubts as to your sentiments.
I'd say those five chapters would comprise the instruction manual should one ever come to exist. And if I know my Buddy upstairs like I think I do, my edition.....would be written in Japanese.....Banzai!

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