Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Labels or Love...

How long should you date a person before saying, "I love you"? I ask you not only in search of the appropriate time, but also the proper venue. Of course the goal of this confession is to have your partner welcome the sentiment with a reply of the same nature. Unfortunately, adverse effects sometimes result in a raise of the brow as they factor the quickest route to Home Depot seaking a new set of deadbolts for the apartment door.

I'm also perplexed by the notion that some of us can say, "I love you", before being capable or, furthermore, comfortable enough to recognize the beloved as a partner of any significance to begin with. Why do we stumble over our words when the conversation begins to stear itself down an emotional boardwalk? I'll be the first to admit I've experienced many a scraped shin due to my clumsy, brittle approach to communicating my feelings for another. As we live and learn, charting lover to lover, do these conversations ever get any easier?

I'm recently enchanted to discover not all partners warrant such margins on terms of endearment, regardless of the relationship's extent. I'm captivated by the revelation that an individual can actually command a reply; one in which you'd promised yourself you'd refrain from submitting at all costs.

Acknowledging the correlation between the length of courtship and expression of love to be defunct, let us now focus on the latter part of my opening query. I ask you...is there an appropriate place in which such sentiments should be conveyed? Perhaps my question is too broad to be answered...I'll try again. What places would you find such expressions to be entirely inappropriate? Or can the irony of a locale be the inspiration behind a declaration?

I ask you...can the fastening of two souls be as simple as tying your shoelaces? "Make two bunny ears...bunny goes around the tree...into the burrow...pull tight." I've discovered as of late, an expression of love is best served unforeseen, befalls even the most inappropriate of venues and, moreover, can swing a powerful knot around the unlikeliest of pairs.

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