Friday, February 27, 2009

Where Have the Ladies Gone?

Where have all the ladies gone? Those who know me know I love to stir the pot like any good fashionista. I am just as busy as any other 20 something juggling multiple jobs and a shoe obsession, but to be clear, I always manage to put on my clothes before leaving the house, let alone taping a television show. When did it become mainstream for lady lumps to be placed on display like accessories? You know what I'm talking about; it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "boob tube".

Until recently, I was blissfully ignorant to the notion that it's totally trendy to put on a show with your "accessories" while actually, well, putting on a show. I was recently held visually captive by a television program hosted by a 20 something woman like myself, but here's the kicker - she was in hot pants delivering a report. I'm not sure what the topic was, I was too busy trying to figure out what message she was aiming to send with her attire. I have but one question for her: "Why are you hurting your own kind?"

Vivienne Westwood once said, "You have a better life if you wear impressive clothes". Will someone please explain to me what type of impression hot pants are supposed to leave us with?

I will say this only once for all the hard working ladies I know both in front and behind the camera: "Be fabulously professional and cover it up, Cookie!" We ladies are working too hard to be set back by your "talent", or lack thereof. We are in the business of television news and entertainment. Perhaps you are better suited for an adult industry? No shame there - just please, own it and move it...to Silicon Valley. And that's how the cookie crumbled. Good night and good luck ;)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 Randoms Things About Moi.......

1. I have a really hard time understanding people with accents but on a cute guy I think its ferocious

2. Sometimes that also applies to those without accents.

3. I like to bite the ends off twizzlers and use them as straws.

4. The longer my hair gets the longer it takes to get ready in the morning - once a day I consider wigging it.

5. I have an obsession with sunglasses and never go anywhere without a large pair.

6. I bite my lips and have probably consumed pounds of lipgloss.

7. I will only wear shoes with 4 inch heels or higher.

8. Because of #7, I can always fall back on pole dancing if I ever get bored with television.

9. I LOVE stargazer lillies

10. I can't go anywhere without my carbon black masacara and cherry lipgloss.

11. I love being a Jersey girl

12. I love listening to and helping people tell their stories

13. I totally talk to myself all the time

14. My attention span is MIA/DOA so I love that my job is never the same

15. I always get a little weirded out when people recognize me from tv

16. My friends are the best people on earth and are super understanding of my schedule and I love them for that

17. I want to have at least two kids

18. When I give birth I want to get my hair blown out before going to the hospital and I'm going to wear some fabulous shoes so the first thing the baby sees upon entering the world is good fashion sense

19. I have always had this plan that I would be married and have at least one child by the age of 30.

20. I can't wait to turn 30 cuz then I feel I will be more legitimate and have more substance. Politicians don't take 20 somethings that seriously but I'm doing my part to motivate the masses ;)

21. I am supposed to be taping my intros outros downtown right now but instead I'm on facebook =P

22. I am totally in love with a great guy

23. I'm working on my shopping and spending habits but just like I support homeless animals, I feel fabulous shoes need a forever home too

24. I'm a sucker for babies with biscuit legs
25. I only do a french manicure on my nails cuz I think red is way tacky

Friday, February 13, 2009


So don't be jealous, but my Boyfriend, or Man Friend as I like to say, is a huge television director/producer/writer. Yes, that's correct. Not only is he a consumer of Tiffany's and fully aware of who Christian Louboutain is and why he's amazing - my Man Friend is also a successful entertainment mogul. One of the television programs he created and oversees is called E-Asylum. If you love interviews with major celebs than this, my loyal reader, is your new dirty obsession. Cross my stilettos and hope to die. I'm not going to lie, it's a phenomenal production and I insist you go to this site immediately, become a fan and be consumed.....kiss,kiss....



I Need My Meds...

We can all relate to this....and by "we", I'm referring to me, myself and I.

Be consumed...kiss, kiss...

Cuppy Cake Boy...

Warning: The video you are about to view is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. This kid appeared on Tyra Banks today and I just had to share the love...be consumed

PS - I love you so and I want you to know that I'll always be right here ;) Check out the eyebrows at the end, lol...

Kiss, kiss...Happy Valentine's Day...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I love this woman - and you should too...

Chelsea Handler - my God, I love this woman. In fact, I feel such a connection, it's quite possible we are sisters from another mother. She's a smart, sexy wise-ass, born and raised in New Jersey - where else - AND she appreciates a phenomenal shoe...that's how we do here in the Garden State - check out the clips below and be consumed....

Kiss, Kiss


I bet you didn't know I'm a spokeswoman for a video internet service in New York City.....and no, not that kind of "service". I'm a lady, through and through...unless, of course, I can be garaunteed full anonymity....take a look at my peep show below:

Work Videos

Doing what I do best....

Work Videos

Work Videos

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Work Videos

Don't Misunderestimate Me...

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the tasks set before me at work. Sometimes. Oh, that's a lie. I'm fairly consistent with the panic. Today I am shooting a show with a Congressman in District Numero Sieben. My plan this weekend is to spend 15 hours in my office in front of an editing computer. I have five shows to edit before the weekend comes to a close, I need to get cracking on developing the look and content for a new show I'm hosting, "J.Walking with Jamie Lynn", (it's gonna be huge, you heard it here first), and I need a mani/pedi. What's a girl to do? At times like these, I find comfort in the wise words of great leaders gone ary. Now is the time to work my bottom off if I ever want to see my "wings take dream". "I'll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office." --George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., May 12, 2008

My sentiments exactly, Mr. President...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Exclusive Interview...

Maybe it’s just me, but I find the average bio about as exciting as a throat culture. So, I asked the best interviewer I know — me — to sit down for a little Q&A. The unedited transcript is below. (And let’s be honest here: I could have edited it to make myself seem all witty and well-adjusted, but I wanted to you to see the real me.)

Ms. Drohan, it’s so gracious of you to invite me to your lovely home. Would you like to begin by telling our readers where you’re from?
Sure, Jamie. By the way, I love your shoes. Are those hidden platforms? I have the same ones. Anyway, I was born in Livingston, NJ and raised in the Township of Union. I attended Union High School where I was incredibly bored and insanely underappreciated outside the theatre department. I remember wondering daily, “How come these people have no idea how freakin' fabulous I am?”

Hmmm. That sucks.
No worries, Princess. I joined facebook to reconnect and discovered that everyone felt bored and underappreciated. It’s called puberty.

And after high school?
I attended Wagner College on a Musical Theatre scholarship and after two years realized this wasn't the path for me. I landed a job hosting some shows in local television and I wanted more - more I tell you!

That path led you to Comcast and Westfield TV36 didn’t it?
Absolutely. I worked as a producer/editor/writer/host of Union TV34 and started making my own demos - sending them out to any Network Exec with a name and mailing address. Eventually, after six months of no word, I apparently broke down one Exec in particular and landed my first gig hosting Newsmakers on CNN Headline News. Through that position I was offered another gig hosting Eye On Ocean County in South Jersey on Channel 8 - all the while, still working for Union TV34. A few months later I heard of a job opening for Director of Operations in Westfield and decided there's always room for Jello - so I went for the job and I landed it. After six months of juggling four jobs I decided it was time to let one free and, loving my new position as Director, I decided to release Union TV34. Today I still host Eye on Ocean County and serve as Director of Operations for Westfield TV36. Did I also mention I'm a spokesperson?

For Overachievers Anonymous?
No, you jerk. I'm a spokesperson for VEOTAG in NYC. They help companies brand, catalog and market their services.

How many televisions shows have you done as of right now?
I have no freakin' idea - isn't that fabulous?!

You mentioned you were a musical theatre performer. Would you like to sing a little something right now?
You betcha. [Sings “Hopelessy Devoted to You” by Olivia Newton-John.]

That’s not a show tune.
[Sings “Seasons of Love” from Rent.]

Thank you. I get the idea.
I’m not finished yet. [Continues singing.] OK, now I’m done.

So, you turned your back on the theatre because you couldn't sing?
Are you trying to be funny? If nothing else, I’m a lady of my word. [Clasps hands around interviewer’s throat slightly tighter and slightly longer than necessary to make point.]

I might sue you for that.
Bite me.

What’s your sign, biatch?
I was born Janaury 20, 1982, under the sign of Aquarius. In fact, I’m a Aquarius with a Saggitarius rising, just like Jennifer Aniston - isn't that fabulous?

No, not really. Where do you get your clothes? Not that I care at this point. My neck hurts.
I get my clothes from lots of different places. I wear a lot of Michael Kors, Sweet Pea, Free People, True Religion. My favorite suits are by the Klein's, (Calvin and Anne). And I love shoes by Michael Kors, Jessica Simpson (girlfriend knows how to make a heel!) and Christian Louboutin.

How tall are you?
I’m five foot four.

And how much do you weigh?

Liar. You weigh 120, J.Dro.
I know, but I could lose those ten pounds if I wanted to - I just happen to have a buxom bottom. And don’t contradict me or I'll choke you again. I hope I left a bruise.

I think you did. Now talk about your hobbies. That’s the next question on this list you gave me.
I didn’t give you any list. As you know, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to pursue my hobbies, but I enjoy reading, travel, fashion, cooking, kicking ass in Scrabble and playing with my rabbit, Mr. Hefner.

What television shows do you watch?
I’m addicted to reruns of SATC, anything TLC, and for some ridiculous reason, The Real World.

And my last question: Are you single?
I can’t believe you just asked me that. That’s not on the list.

I thought you said there was no list. I only asked because some people seem to care.
I don’t care why you asked. When will we stop slapping labels on people? “That guy’s gay.” “That girl’s a slut.” “That dog’s humping my leg.” If it doesn’t concern you, mind your own business.

OK, OK. Don’t get your balls in a tangle.
I don’t have balls. You think that because I run a television station and generally tell other people what to do all day, I have testicles? I think this interview is over.

Good. I’m going to see a doctor.
Well, this has been a pleasure. Please don’t let the French doors hit you on the way out.