Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who is Jamie Lynn Drohan?

Who is Jamie Lynn Drohan? She is multitudes and will speak of them in the third person.

It all began in Union, NJ when a three year old JLD attended her first dance class. The experience consumed her thoughts, interfering with her concentration on Rainbrow Brite and The California Raisins. Eventually weekly dance lessons parlayed into weekly voice lessons. She continued her dance and vocal training both in NJ and NYC and began to dabble in writing. She secured the crown of Little Miss Union at seven years old and decided it was time to become an author. At the age of nine, not only did she know Ms. Jackson's choreography by heart, but she also had her first piece of writing published in an anthology. Who knows if it was the leg warmers, the jazz hands or the vibrato, but needless to say, a star was born.

Today, JLD is an extraordinary ordinary 20 something femme fatale with her mind on her money and her money on her shoes. Often compared to Linda Carter, this sassy woman of wonder keeps her cover disguised as a televison maven calling the shots both on camera and behind the scenes. Jamie Lynn Drohan is Director of Operations for a local television station, a spokesperson for VEOTAG in NYC, can be seen on the tube interviewing iconic powerbrokers, blogs like its her fourth job and is a mildly obsessed fan of Mark McGrath (circa "I Just Wanna Fly").

In her spare time, (ha), she trades in her lasso of truth for a fabulous clutch and the gold wrist cuffs come off for an even hotter accessory: good friends. JLD likes her men like her coffee; dark and from South America. When asked for her advice on love she responds, " Love is a process and should be practiced often. Rinse and repeat until the desired outcome is reached."

This American in New Jersey enjoys her cocktails served on a stem and her stems secured on stilettos. May the road rise up to meet you, and may all your lights run green: Go E-ZPass.