Thursday, April 30, 2009

What Would Tally Atwater Do?

Ok, so I officially have my own column in the fabulous HQ Magazine distributed here in New Jersey. The column is titled:

"Is This Thing On? My Life as a TV HOST".

Naturally, this is a writers dream to have a column chronicle their career. I am officially no longer a blogger, but a COLUMNIST with a two page spread! I know, I know...I'm full of butterflies!

As my psychic friend, Linda Lauren (http://lindalauren.blogspot.com) says, "the excitement mounts"....and whilst that mound grows taller, my first looming deadline begins to shrink. My column must combine an interview with a fabulous person, as well as a connection to a funny family story that somehow relates.

Fabulous person, fabulous person....let's see...I am covering the red carpet for the NJ Hall of Fame this weekend. Apparently Bon Jovi is being inducted and hopefully will walk the runway in my direction. That would be a great interview.

Shaquille O'Neal is also being inducted and I would really enjoy speaking with him, as well. My dad is a basketball fanatic and when I was a little girl he enrolled me on an all boys basketball team for two seasons. I think he only did this so he could be a coach. He also started calling me "Jay". I think he did that because secretly, he'd wished I were a boy. Who am I kidding...it was never on the DL...he made it very clear.

We would bicker terribly in the morning before practice, as I was crimping my side ponytail and trying to turn my atrocious team uniform into couture. Ultimately, I was a hot mess. To this day when I hear a whistle blow I have flashbacks of endless dribbling drills, three point lines and concern over my visible training bra straps. Scratch that...concern over the fact I was the only one wearing a training bra. Oh, to be ten again!

This didn't seem to phase my father one bit. "Shut your face...nothing but net", he would say. Oh, Dad...fifteen years later and he's still, "Baaaall-in'".

And the intelligent specimen I am, I've learned to speak his language. My Dad has quite the history of "foot in mouth in public", (FIMIP), syndrome. Today when Dad seems to be teatering on another episode of "FIMIP" we keep his feet firmly planted on the ground by saying, "traveling" and give the signal just like a basketball referee. He immediately responds, in turn, by refraining from embarassing comments in front of friends and strangers alike.

You may call it behavior modification....I call it...Brilliant...

This is the Show that Doesn't End....

Here are two clips from a show I host/produce in Westfield. Enjoy!